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pronounced [ sa - han ]

short for kaisahan, or oneness, unity, and correspondence in Tagalog


A New Generation

We created Sahan to celebrate farming, organic produce, and Filipino flavours in a way that inspires young people to be more curious. To learn, try, and create. To connect with our land, our people, and planet earth. 


This is also one of the reasons we chose to work with Teach for the Philippines for our advocacy. We want to empower our youth, and these school kits are a way for us to help them continue their studies from home, in spite of the pandemic and the challenges that come with distance learning.


Stem to Sip

Having a farm is not the easiest business, especially with the climate crisis creating extreme weather conditions which makes it more and more difficult to grow food, and more and more challenging for farms to survive. To help support the local farming ecosystem, we source all of our ingredients from small-scale organic farms in different parts of the Philippines. 

Image by Womanizer WOW Tech


Supporting Women

At Sahan, we're an all-women team. We may be in different life stages, but we’re united by the same vision and a feminine energy that carries us forward and empowers everything we do. We all have different super powers. 

Karla, our Green Guru, knows everything about farming and natural farming communities. Pisha, our COO, is the glue that holds everything together. Gemma, our CFO, is the backbone of our whole operation. Iyay, our Potions Master, is the creative the genius behind all of our flavour profiles. And Kai, our CEO, brings the brand to life.